Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What a busy weekend

This past Friday, two of my friends, Natasha and Vanessa (and me), went to the awesomest (not a word, I know) park ever: Central Park. It was the first time one of my friends has ever been there and I'm quite proud I was the reason she went. We took a detour to Magnolia's Bakery first, because let's be honest, they have the best stuff. Of course I nibbled on Natasha's banana pudding and boy, was it good!
We saw this cute car and I just had to take a picture of it.


This was the only time Vanessa thought it was ok to smile. The other times... well, not so much.

Afterwards, we went to Times Square and sat on the big red steps. It was then Natasha realized that's where Glee filmed that one episode (the one they went to NY). I'm still upset I missed the filming of that, but I had school work!

Then, I went to Rhode Island, for Florraine's (a childhood friend) graduation. Her mother had a dinner for her family and invited me over. I couldn't resist. 

I can't believe how grown she is! Heck, I can't believe how grown I am. We truly are growing up fast.


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